Why are you making this change?
Shentel currently uses Google’s Gmail platform to provide email service to our customers. Unfortunately, Google has made the decision to stop providing this service to Shentel and hundreds of other Internet Service Providers. We realize how important email is to you and Shentel has implemented a new process that will migrate all of your emails to our secure Shentel email platform.

What if I don't do anything?
After the migration date communicated to you via email, you will stop receiving new email unless you have updated your settings.

How much storage do I get after the migration date?
You currently have a 15GB limit. After everything is moved to the new platform, you will have a 20GB limit.

My smartphone has contacts linked to my Google account. What happens when I migrate?

Your device will lose access to those contacts. You should save those contacts directly to your device to avoid losing that information.
Call Technical Support at 1-800-SHENTEL for more details.

I use Google Drive or Google Photos to store information and pictures. Will that data be lost?
Shentel is only moving old email and contacts onto the new server. If you use your Shentel account to access any Google app, you will need to transfer those files to a new Google Gmail account.

We recommend using Google Takeout to transfer files from your Google apps into a new Gmail account.

Manual Client Settings

For assistance, or to learn more about this change, please contact Shentel's Technical Support team at